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Published: October 12, 2023, 15:56 | Last modified: October 12, 2023, 15:56

Polarkonsult's initiative with 3D animations strengthens Rå Biopark's investment

Taking the initiative, the company provided 100 hours for project engineer Andreas Pettersen to develop competence and skills in animation and digital art.

Interest in renewable energy

Pettersen is currently working on an animation for Rå Biopark illustrating the functionality of how the biogas facility could evolve in the future.

«Tasks related to renewable energy were highlighted, and it was in this context that CEO Thomas Myhre put me in touch with Merrick Johnston at Rå Biopark. After discussions with Merrick, it became clear that this was something they and Rå were very interested in. This resulted in Pettersen starting the work on the animation of tanks in the biogas facility.» – says Myhre about the collaboration.

Focus on digestion tanks

«I expressed a desire to improve my skills in 3D and wanted the skill enhancement to be relevant to my current role at Polarkonsult. That’s why I’ve worked on modeling, texturing, and staging so far. In the next phase, I’ll focus on animation and rendering, with a sneak peek of digestion tanks as a top priority.» Pettersen adds.

Pettersen has a deep interest in the field and is constantly seeking more knowledge.

Andreas Pettersen works as a project engineer at Polarkonsult, which is a consulting company within ship design and marine construction. This spring, he has worked with animation of biogas plants for Rå Biopark, 2023
Photo: Andreas Pettersen

Balancing free time with work hasn’t always been easy because I want to create a product I can be proud of, which would also be useful for Polarkonsult and Rå Biopark. 3D is a field that requires a lot of time, and in many cases, the best choice is to start over. You learn to efficiently use the time you have available.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to try my hand at this project. The collaboration with Rå Biopark has been superb, and I’ve always received answers and help with loads of positivity and smiles, he says.

The CEO of Polarkonsult, Thomas Myhre, and the Business Developer at Rå Biopark, Merrick Johnston, met in Harstad at Polarkonsult’s office to initiate the collaboration between the two businesses, 2023
Photo: Merrick Johnston

Added Value

The collaborative project between Polarkonsult and Rå Biopark is an inspiring example of how technological solutions can strengthen sustainable initiatives. It’s a great example of how environmental technology and consulting services can collaborate to drive positive changes in society.

«Rå Biopark, with our goal of producing biogas from organic waste, faces significant technical challenges. The design and layout of the biogas plant are crucial for efficient operation and optimal utilization of organic material. This is where Polarkonsult comes into the picture with their expertise in animation and 3D technology. The use of 3D models provides us with several significant advantages.

First of all, it gives them a realistic visualization of what the plant will look like when it’s finished, which is invaluable for project design and financing. Secondly, the 3D models help identify any potential problems or bottlenecks in the facility at an early stage, so they can be addressed before construction begins. This saves time and resources and helps ensure that the facility operates efficiently when it’s in operation.» says the CEO of Rå Biopark Sigve Daae Rasmussen.

Sketch of what the reception hall and digestion tanks may look like when the biogas facility in Skibotn is completed.
Modeling and illustration photo: Andreas Pettersen, Polarkonsult | Source: Rå Biopark

Range of Services

Polarkonsult offers a range of services to the shipping industry, including training materials related to oil, gas, and renewable energy.

«This includes the preparation of manuals, procedures, technical drawings, video, audio, simulation, animation, modeling, and visualization. Polarkonsult is proud to collaborate with Rå Biopark, a pioneering project for the region. It is a pleasure to contribute to the presentation of the plans and in the assessments regarding the logistics of collecting bioresources.» – says Myhre about the collaboration.

For Polarkonsult, they will be able to reap the benefits of the collaboration in the form of increased competence that will be evident in future work carried out.

«It also contributes to increased efficiency and a better working culture as we, as employers, facilitate development for our employees. This is important considering that the world and technology are dynamic and constantly changing. Such assignments give us the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and make us resilient to handle whatever future assignments may bring.” – concludes Myhre.

3D Models and rendering of the facility and the process.
Modeling and illustration photo: Andreas Pettersen, Polarkonsult | Source: Rå Biopark

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