Polarkonsult AS was established in 1974, in the middle of a gem of a coastal town surrounded by arctic nature. With head office 68.79°N in Harstad, the company has established itself over time as a prominent consulting firm in Norway, specializing in ship design and maritime engineering. The company serves a global clientele and has acquired a robust portfolio of services and products through its rich history.

By positioning itself as an accessible and capable supplier of pioneering ship technology, Polarkonsult AS always prioritizes the customers’ requirements. Located in the heart of the Arctic, the company works closely with other leading players in the maritime and energy sectors in Harstad and beyond.

Central to Polarkonsult’s operations is the principle of sustainability. The firm is dedicated to devising environmentally friendly innovations for the maritime sector. A deep emphasis on low greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of efficient designs ensures that their clientele gets optimal ship solutions.

The team at Polarkonsult showcases diverse expertise, spanning general ship design, structural design, machinery systems, and numerical production for steel and piping systems. A collaborative approach and an open culture promote inter-departmental knowledge-sharing, ensuring the realization of superior solutions.

Beyond maritime proficiencies, Polarkonsult has made significant inroads in the energy, oil, and gas sectors. Their expertise encompasses structural design, system stability, operational documentation, and training materials. Their partnerships have led to major contributions for a range of notable projects.

With a legacy steeped in innovation, Polarkonsult AS remains a formidable force in the maritime and energy sectors, ever poised to address future challenges and demands.

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Phone number:
+47 770 58 400


Margrethe Jørgensens vei 13
N-9406 Harstad