We believe in creating safer and better lives for those on board vessels and installations. Through our continuous focus on delivering world-class maritime products and services, we set the standard for ourselves.

This dedication not only reflects our own standards but also represents our commitment to the people we interact with. We realize this raises the bar for all our joint endeavors. To us, this approach is both developmental and inspirational.

Two male colleagues from Polarkonsult participating in 'Relay for Life,' an event in Harstad organized by the Cancer Society in Norway to raise awareness for cancer patients and their families. They are wearing navy blue t-shirts with the logos of the relay and the organizer on their chests. The picture was taken in late summer, with the natural surroundings intentionally blurred. The trees are still lush and green, while the sky is nearly cloudless and blue.

Photo: Trude Pettersen
From a local relay called “Relay for life” in Harstad (Translated to “Stafett for livet” in Norwegian). The purpose was to create awareness towards people living with cancer and their relatives, Harstad, 2023

From left: Ole A. Andreassen and Dag Arne Kind



Being courageous signifies that we strive to earn our rightful place within our fields of expertise. We are proud of what we create, and we are not afraid to challenge established truths. Proactively, we seek out new opportunities. The driving force behind this value is our continuous focus on improvement and development.


Being curious fuels our development-oriented organization. This trait pushes us to explore, not only our potential but also our colleagues’ professional and social perspectives and expertise. Our natural curiosity challenges us to extend our limits within our work areas. Passionate about discovery, we embrace challenges and the opportunity to excel.


Robustness in our company encompasses our collective experience and expertise, and our resilience to volatile markets. It’s a testament to what’s vital for both the company and its members. As a cohesive team, we share knowledge to ensure collective growth. Thriving in demanding industries and challenging environments, we take pride in our ability to weather both storms and calms with resilience.


Caring is foundational for optimal functioning within our organization. While we work with technology, machines, and powerful forces, we ensure everything is done with utmost care. Be it for the environment, for the benefit of our customers, or, most crucially, our colleagues, we genuinely emphasize the importance of caring. The manner in which we treat each other and conduct business reflects this deep-rooted value.

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