Management system

Committed to continuously working towards building a strong management system (HQSE). Our goal is to achieve increased customer satisfaction and improved reputation. We will ensure the well-being of employees and the environment, uphold social responsibility, and adhere to ethical principles.

Polarkonsult AS is a ship technology consulting company. The company provides ship design services to shipyards and shipping companies in both national and international markets, as well as engineering services to the petroleum industry.

HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) has high priority at Polarkonsult AS. The zero-harm philosophy applies to all of Polarkonsult’s activities. Polarkonsult is committed to continuously improving the external environment, which includes designing vessels with low or zero emissions, among other measures.

Polarkonsult AS is committed to complying with the requirements of the ISO management system standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IOGP 423), government regulations, applicable legal requirements, and any other requirements imposed by the company concerning its occupational hazards.

The policy shall be accessible to all stakeholders and undergo regular review to ensure its relevance and suitability for the company.

FN´s sustainable development goals

FN´s substainable development goals number 4 "quality education".

“Empowering engineers of today, shaping the maritime excellence of tomorrow.”

At Polarkonsult AS, we deeply value the essence of quality education and lifelong learning. We strive to be the top choice for newly graduated engineers, welcoming the fresh perspectives they bring. Our commitment goes beyond recruitment; we nurture talent by developing competencies from within.

Through a dedicated training plan, we ensure that both young and seasoned professionals continuously enhance their skills, driving the future of maritime excellence.

FN´s substainable development goals number 8 "decent work and economic growth.

“Building a brighter future through work excellence and community growth.”

At Polarkonsult AS, we are more than just a workplace; we are a community catalyst. Our commitment to offering competitive salaries and unparalleled working conditions is matched by our dedication to safety.

By supporting local sports teams and voluntary organizations, we’re investing in the well-being of our community and fostering economic growth from the ground up.

FN´s substainable development goals number 9 "industry, innovation and infrastructure".

“Our designs are not just for the present; they’re crafted for a sustainable and interconnected future.”

Polarkonsult AS is committed to leading the charge in fostering innovation and advancing the development of sustainable ship design and infrastructure. Through our contributions, we aim to shape a resilient and future-ready maritime industry.

FN´s substainable development goals number 14 "life below water".

“Driven by passion, we shape a future where seas thrive and maritime practices sustain.”

Driven by our passion for improving life at sea, we encourage our clients to make environmentally conscious decisions that benefit both the marine world and the broader environment. By reducing carbon emissions, we’re not just looking after our planet’s health; we’re safeguarding the intricate balance of our oceans and marine life.

We’re dedicated to minimizing waste and emphasizing the reduced consumption of non-renewable resources, ensuring a future where our seas thrive alongside sustainable maritime industry practices.

Make a difference
and inspire

At Polarkonsult AS, we are deeply passionate about sustainability goals, but we recognize that the journey toward a more sustainable future is a collective effort. Whether you’re a student, part of a sports team, or simply someone deeply concerned about sustainability, we want to hear from you!

Do you have feedback, project ideas we should support, or suggestions on where we can make a difference?

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