Polarkonsult strengthens team with new hires

Published: May 29th, 2024

Randi Emelie Kvernmo, Håkon Nødset Skåtun, Markus Helfjord Unstad-Rolandsen, and Oddgeir Johansen have accepted positions at Polarkonsult.

– With the skills and experience that Randi, Håkon, Markus, and Oddgeir bring, we have truly strengthened our team,” says Thomas Myhre, Managing Director of Polarkonsult.

This year, Polarkonsult celebrates its 50th anniversary, and the hiring of four new colleagues demonstrates that Polarkonsult is still a growing company in Harstad. “We have had many exciting and large projects recently. For instance, our work on Johan Castberg, where we have delivered numerous services throughout the project period from 2019 to 2025. This has been one of the largest industrial projects in the north. As one of several northern Norwegian suppliers on the project, it is exciting to contribute to something so significant,” says Myhre.

A bright horizon

He explains that the company has many exciting projects underway. The horizon looks bright for the company.

– We have several projects that we hope to secure in the near future. We have been focused on preparing for what lies ahead. Therefore, we need individuals who possess both skills and experience. Randi, Håkon, Markus, and Oddgeir are incredibly talented in their fields, and we are very grateful that they have agreed to join us and strengthen the team and further develop Polarkonsult, says Myhre.


Randi Emelie Kvernmo has a solid background as a system operator in the Air Force, has just completed her bachelor’s degree in process technology at UIT The Arctic University of Norway, and is pursuing a master’s degree in engineering design at the same institution. 

– Randi has an office in Narvik and started as a process engineer in the energy team in January. With her enthusiasm and expertise, she has already had a very positive impact on the team and projects. She is highly analytical and has a unique ability to solve complex challenges, making her a very valuable asset to us, explains Myhre.


Håkon Nødset Skåtun holds a master’s degree in marine technology from NTNU and an undergraduate degree in management from BI Norwegian Business School. He has worked in various technical and managerial positions at NorLense and Kongsberg Maritime, where he gained solid experience in project management and technical development.

– He started his new position as a senior project engineer in May. With his broad experience and strong professional background, he will provide the team with valuable technical expertise and management skills. He is known for his thorough work and ability to lead complex projects to success. Håkon is based in Svolvær and is part of the ship design team, says Myhre.


Markus Helfjord Unstad-Rolandsen is from Svolvær and holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Gjøvik University College and a master’s degree in technology and safety in the Arctic from UIT The Arctic University of Norway. He has previously worked as a quality manager and technical coordinator at Norlense, as well as a project engineer at Betong & Entreprenør AS.

– Markus joined us in February. He started as a mechanical engineer, is based in Svolvær, and is part of our energy team. His broad experience and strong technical skills make him an important contributor to our team. Markus is known for his ability to deliver quality work, and through his dedication and professional competence, he ensures the success of the projects he is involved in.

Oddgeir Johansen is an experienced engineer with an extensive and impressive career in the oil and gas industry. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from NTNU and a bachelor’s degree in electronics from Trondheim University College of Engineering. Oddgeir has held various technical and managerial roles at companies such as Neptune Energy, Aker Energy, TOTAL E&P Norway, and Elf Petroleum Norway, where he has gained immense expertise in process control and mechanical engineering.

– Oddgeir works part-time at the Harstad office and is part of our energy team. He brings valuable expertise and is an incredibly important resource for us at Polarkonsult. He has an ability to handle complex challenges and is known for implementing effective solutions and contributing to success through his dedication and professional skills, says Myhre.

– I am incredibly happy and proud to have such talented colleagues join our team, he concludes.

About Polarkonsult

Polarkonsult, based in Harstad, is a prominent consultancy specializing in innovative ship design and maritime engineering services. Since 1974, the company has cemented its position in the industry by combining advanced technology with sustainable principles, helping clients around the world navigate towards a greener future.

With a dedicated team of experienced engineers and designers, Polarkonsult strives to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations and current industrial standards. The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in their projects, like MV Vigdis H, which represents a new era of environmentally friendly ships that contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint.

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