Written by: Arne Markussen and Adrian Pavel

Published: June 23, 2023, 12:05 | Last modified: July 06, 2023, 09:17

Polarkonsult joins the "SEAWORTHY" project - Hydrodynamic aspects of green shipping

Polarkonsult is honored to announce our participation as a collaborating partner in the “SEAWORTHY” project, an initiative led by SINTEF Ocean, aimed at developing knowledge and tools for operational safety in adverse weather handling of low-powered ships.

About the SEAWORTHY project

International and national governmental bodies have set high goals for reducing harmful emissions from ships. The EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) has been implemented as a major measure to reduce emissions. A simple solution to meet EEDI requirements is to reduce the installed engine power, but this may compromise the ship’s maneuverability and safety in adverse weather conditions.

The SEAWORTHY project will address this challenge by investigating operational challenges with “green” vessels. Through interviews, workshops, scale-model experiments, and onboard measurements, the project will develop new and improved software and tools to study the effects on propulsion performance and maneuverability in waves.

Seakeeping capability of the vessel.
Photo: SINTEF Ocean

Polarkonsult´s engagement and contribution

As a leading player in ship design in Norway and globally, Polarkonsult sees significant potential in the SEAWORTHY project. We will collaborate closely with other industry partners, including NTNU, DNV AS, Kongsberg Maritime AS, and many more.

Our engagement will be focused on exploring and testing the new tools and methods developed. We will use our expertise to support the physical phenomena relevant to the project.

Opportunities and Benefits

SEAWORTHY will provide the necessary tools to ensure that future ships are designed for safe operation in realistic sea conditions with minimal emissions. The project will enhance the understanding of green ships’ impact on hydrodynamics and provide better tools for ship designers, such as Polarkonsult, to create sustainable and safe solutions.

An experimental model of the vessel aft.
Photo: SINTEF Ocean

A Pioneering Effort for Green Shipping

The project, lasting from 2023 to 2026, marks an important step toward a more sustainable and safe future for shipping. We at Polarkonsult are enthusiastic about taking part in this journey, which will set a new standard for green shipping.

An experimental model of the vessel fore.
Photo: SINTEF Ocean

Experimental pull test.
Photo: SINTEF Ocean

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