Written by: Arne Markussen and Adrian Pavel

Published: September 05, 2023, 10:38  | Last modified: October 10, 2023, 14:10

Polarkonsult joins pioneer project "WIND" - towards zero-emission shipping with wind-assisted propulsion

We at Polarkonsult are proud to announce our participation as a collaborating partner in the research project “WIND,” approved for funding by the Research Council of Norway. This ambitious project is a collaboration between SINTEF Ocean, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Polarkonsult, and eleven other leading maritime companies.

About the WIND Project

“WIND” aims to enable zero-emission shipping by using wind-assisted propulsion. By exploring and developing solutions where a large portion of the propulsion is generated by wind. “WIND” will accelerate the transition towards more environmentally friendly ships. This applies both as a retrofit solution and for newbuilds.

Polarkonsult Engagement and Contribution

As one of Norway’s ship design companies delivering sustainable ship designs to the global market, this innovation project is of strategic importance to POLARKONSULT.

Our participation will include suggesting improvements to the SINTEF bulk carrier open design, SOBC-1 (hull lines and appendages) for WASP integration, requirements, input, testing, and feedback on model/tool development, as well as exploring retrofit and new design through case studies.

Our strategic policy focuses on energy economy, low emissions, and cost-effectiveness. With the introduction of wind for the assisted powering of vessels, we plan to support the realization of low- and zero-emission sea transport and increase our knowledge and competence in the design, modeling, and testing of wind-assisted vessels.

Illustration of the main characteristic of ship capability.
Photo: SINTEF Ocean & NTNU

Opportunities and Benefits

The project will generate market opportunities, new jobs and increase competitiveness of/for???  the Norwegian maritime sector. Through our participation, we aim for an increased market share and interest in our designs, especially for the short sea market.

A New Era in Shipping

“WIND” represents a groundbreaking effort that can set a new standard for sustainability within the maritime sector. We at Polarkonsult are enthusiastic about taking part in this journey towards a more sustainable future for shipping.

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