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Written by: Jeanett Hardersen

Published: November 29, 2023, 09:39 | Last modified: November 29, 2023, 09:39

Outlook North 2023 - Northern Norway's largest supplier conference

Exploring the future of the blue-green industry, Outlook North conference, held in Harstad, Northern Norway, brought together 300 people. This dynamic event served as a hub for networking, inspiring talks, and discussions on sustainable solutions. Addressing critical environmental concerns, it emphasized the need for industry evolution while nurturing the potential of aspiring talents.

Northern networking

It’s been about four weeks since the largest supplier conference and meeting place for the blue-green industry in Northern Norway was held at the Quality Hotel in Harstad, organized by Kupa in collaboration with Equinor and Aker BP AS. A total of 300 participants, including skilled speakers, exhibitors, 40 enthusiastic students seeking jobs in the industry, and politicians, gathered with a common goal – to network and create new connections. With 300 individuals come 300 different skills and areas of expertise.

Conferences like Outlook North are crucial for the industry’s development in Northern Norway, especially regarding environmental concerns. Without these conferences, potential collaborations or student recruitment opportunities might not arise. Where else could so many people, seeking inspiration, networking, and learning opportunities, gather?

The entrance to the Quality Hotel Harstad where the Outlook North conference was held.
Photo: Jeanett Hardersen

Igniting curiosity

We confront a significant challenge that demands collective action. The industry necessitates a shift towards greater environmental friendliness, and while progress has been achieved, there remains a considerable journey ahead. An increasing number of individuals are adopting ecological thinking, leading to the development of products and technologies that positively affect the environment. The goal is clear: how can we devise sustainable solutions that conserve our natural world? Though simple in theory, implementation poses complexities; hence, how do we realize it?

Investing in our country’s students, the cornerstone of our future, has never been more critical. They possess knowledge, curiosity, eagerness, and a thirst for further learning. The future thrives within these students, prompting us to make the industry more appealing to them. Creating an engaging learning environment, nurturing their curiosity, and fostering continuous development benefits both these young minds and the industry at large.

Outlook North isn’t merely a networking platform; it’s a space that sparks this curiosity. Accomplished speakers and exhibitors present and discuss compelling projects. For inquiries, direct conversations with the source are encouraged, eliminating convoluted routes. Northern Norway teems with potential and untapped opportunities for progressive development. It’s an innovative region with vast potential for those willing to take the leap.

Participating in the enriching and inspiring Outlook North conference fills us with immense pride. The opportunities these conferences offer are invaluable. For us, it signifies a commitment to crafting sustainable solutions that positively impact the environment, urging us to push boundaries further. Embracing courage, even amidst setbacks, as mistakes become stepping stones in our journey.

Snippets of pictures from the Outlook North conference.
Photo: Jeanett Hardersen

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