Photo of Harstad city center taken in the afternoon on a winter's day. Photo: Øivind Arvola

The arctic way

Living and working in the arctic

Nestled in the frigid embrace of the Arctic, our headquarters takes its place in Harstad, a historic northern Norwegian coastal town adorned with a vibrant cultural heritage. The maritime, fishing, and oil and gas industries flourish here, making Harstad a strategic hub in the north.

Yet, within this coastal gem, the weather can be unpredictable which creates challenges. The landscape transforms into a battlefield where frosty storms, relentless blizzards, and bone-chilling temperatures join forces with their allies: the insidious humidity and gnawing rust. This alliance of elements forms a strong adversary, relentless against boats, ships, and vessels every year. The unforgiving climate can be ruthless to vessels that are not sufficiently prepared.

For our workers, the Arctic environment provides an exceptional backdrop to their daily professional activities. As specialists in ship design and maritime engineering, they have a deep appreciation for the distinctive maritime landscape and the challenges it poses.

With each dawn heralding a polar twilight, they brave the arctic nights, where the sun’s fearful ascent barely touches the horizon. It is a symbiotic relationship where challenges are met with unwavering determination, strengthened by the dance of the mesmerizing northern lights, which illuminate the sky with their captivating aurora during the ethereal dark season.


In addition to our head office in Harstad, we have offices in Svolvær, Bergen, Stavanger and soon Narvik.






68.48°N 16.32°Ø

Harstad, known as Hàrsttàk in Northern Sami, is located in the northeast on the largest island in Norway called Hinnøya. A proud coastal town surrounded by beautiful and majestic nature, it has ancient roots dating back to the Stone Age and has blossomed into a bustling hub for culture, history, and industry. Today, Harstad has grown to become the second-largest municipality in Troms and Finnmark.

With a total area of 445.21 km² and a population of around 25,000, or 11,000 households, Harstad is more than just numbers; its vibrant local life makes it a center for events of all sizes year-round. The city offers a range of cultural features, including concerts, performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, and more.

For nature enthusiasts, there’s no need to despair. You can witness the fascinating northern lights, a heavenly ballet that graces the winter sky, or experience the midnight sun that illuminates both day and night in the summer. Take a boat ride to the archipelago or go hiking on Sætertinden, Harstad’s tallest peak. With nature right outside your door, there’s an abundance of activities for every season. What are you waiting for?”

Image of Harstad city, 2021
Photo: Jan Schmitt David Buettner

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