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Ship designs

With nearly half a century in the industry, Polarkonsult boasts 49 years of extensive experience in ship design, having successfully delivered designs for a wide variety of vessels since 1974. From compact fishing vessels and passenger ships to expansive cargo carriers, heavy lifters, and tankers, our portfolio reflects our diverse expertise.

Among our proud contributions are the PK-100 series for cargo vessels, the PK-200 series designed for passenger vessels, the PK-300 series catering to offshore vessels and tugboats, the PK-400 series for special service vessels, the PK-500 series focusing on fishing vessels, and the PK-600 series dedicated to tankers.

PK-100 Cargo

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Portrait picture of our employee Cankut Demrikol.

Cankut Demirkol

Technical Sales Manager in Ship Design


Polarkonsult offers services within the offshore energy sector, and we take pride in our reputation for quality and reliability. Our specialties encompass stability calculations, mooring and seakeeping design, structural analyses using contemporary software, and custom piping solutions. Additionally, we produce documentation covering procedures, checklists, and training manuals that contribute to streamlining production while enhancing safety. Safety is a cornerstone of our approach, and we adhere to strict technical and HSE guidelines.

In addressing the challenges of the Arctic, we emphasize the winterization of structures and the structural integrity of hulls and superstructures. One of our most significant testimonials is the fact that our clients often choose to utilize Polarkonsult’s services again. This has led to long-lasting client relationships and recurring assignments, affirming our position as a trusted partner in offshore projects.

Picture of the ship Johan Castberg taken from a bird's eye view.

Photo: Gudmund Nymoen
Johan Castberg, Harstad, 2023

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Portrait picture of our employee Mattis Lihaug

Mattis Lihaug

Manager for petroleum and renewable projects

Our services range from general structural and initial design to advanced engineering analysis ensuring the structural integrity of hulls and topsides. Additionally, we handle machinery and piping, general outfitting, lofting, and the provision of numerical production material.

As experts in the field, we also offer stability calculations, and inclining tests, and oversee the approvals of fishing vessels under the “Godkjent Foretak” standards. Our team is adept at inspection, assessment, and project management, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every project.

At Polarkonsult, we are not just rooted in our rich history; we are also forward-looking, ready to embrace the green future through innovative technology. Being an independent ship design company allows us a degree of flexibility and productivity that’s hard to match. This independence empowers us to offer tailor-made designs that meet specific client specifications, making us a trusted partner in ship design.

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