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Published: December 07, 2023, 10:53 | Last modified: December 07, 2023, 10:53

Header photo: Main entrance to Innovation Park. Photo: Innovasjonsparken

Polarkonsult expands its presence with the opening of new office space in Stavanger

Harstad, December 6, 2023 – Polarkonsult is proud to announce that on Friday, December 1st, we received the keys to our new office in Stavanger. The opening of this new office marks a significant milestone in our company’s growth and expansion.

Thriving opportunities within the industry

Stavanger, a city on the rise, offers numerous opportunities for a company like ours within the maritime and shipbuilding industries. Recognized as an industrial hub, especially in oil and natural gas, as well as maritime and fishing, the decision to establish our presence here was clear-cut.

This move presents a significant opportunity for us to cultivate existing partnerships, forge new paths, and explore exciting possibilities. With the University of Stavanger located approximately a 10-minute walk from Innovation Park, we have a chance to engage closely with students, offering them insight into our daily operations and a unique opportunity to explore our industry.

It’s essential for us to support students and make it enticing for them to consider joining our team.

Photo of the are where Innovation Park are located.
Photo: Innovasjonsparken

Just as Harstad is known as the oil and gas capital of the north, Stavanger is recognized for its leading role in the south. For us at Polarkonsult, it’s crucial to have a presence in both of these key cities.

Our new office opening in Stavanger is not just an expansion of our physical presence, but also a strategic positioning that strengthens our connection to the industry. We look forward to continuing our work and expanding our network in this dynamic region. – Myhre explains

A map of the Innovation Park.
Photo: Innovasjonsparken

An area in growth

The space we’ve been fortunate to secure is situated in a rapidly developing area. With its close proximity to the city center, recreational spaces, business districts, and the University of Stavanger, it has become a sought-after location for both residential and industrial purposes. Commuting options are diverse, accessible by bike, public transportation, or car.

Our office space lease at Innovation Park provides a unique chance to interact with other occupants, expanding our network beyond our immediate presence.

Innovation Park serves as a meeting point for companies from various industries, offering us the perfect setting to establish new connections and build networks. It fosters opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations, allowing for mutual inspiration.

With multiple entities sharing the space, employees don’t find themselves isolated during their workdays. The social aspect is equally vital in the workplace, significantly impacting overall job satisfaction.

Photos from inside of the Innovation Park building.
Photo: Innovasjonsparken

Photo of two employees from Polarkonsult. One sits at his workplace and points with a pen at the computer screen. The other employee stands next to her colleague. They both are smiling.

Two employeers from Polarkonsult collaborating.
Photo: Michael Ulriksen

Seeking talented individuals in the Stavanger region

As Polarkonsult continues to grow and thrive in our new Stavanger office, we are on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about the maritime and shipbuilding industries. We strongly encourage professionals residing in the Stavanger region who are seeking new challenges and opportunities to join our dynamic team.

If you believe your skills and experience align with our industry and values, please feel free to reach out to us regarding relevant positions. We are committed to fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment and would be delighted to hear from potential candidates eager to contribute to our expanding operations.

Want to apply for a job?

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