Herjólfur IV is a testament to the possibilities of modern maritime design and technology. By meeting the unique needs of Iceland’s transportation network while minimizing environmental impact, this innovative ferry sets a new standard for eco-friendly ferry design in the North Atlantic region.

Function and capabilities

Herjólfur IV is a versatile ferry tailored to operate in the challenging weather and sea conditions of the North Atlantic, ensuring reliable year-round service. The vessel has a capacity of up to 540 passengers and 150 cars or a combination of cars and trucks, making it suitable for both tourism and commercial purposes. With its ability to maintain stability and maneuverability in rough seas, Herjólfur IV offers passengers a smooth and comfortable journey.

Environmental considerations and awards

Herjólfur IV exemplifies the commitment to developing eco-friendly maritime solutions. The vessel is equipped with advanced hybrid propulsion technology, which combines diesel engines with electric motors and battery systems. A large battery pack is installed, reducing fuel consumption, emissions, and noise levels, making the ferry more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. This innovative design has not gone unnoticed, as Herjólfur IV received the Shippax Award 2020 in the Ferry category. The award recognizes the vessel's groundbreaking design and its contribution to sustainable maritime transportation.

Herjólfur IV boasts impressive design features that focus on performance, stability, and environmental sustainability.

Specifications Features
74.3 meters long State of the art navigation and communication systems
15.3 meters wide Advanced safety and rescue equipment
3.8 meter draft comfortable accommodations, including lounges, a cafeteria, and outdoor viewing areas

Phone number:
+47 770 58 400


Margrethe Jørgensens vei 13
N-9406 Harstad